Where There’s A Will

Salute to Mr Tauqeer Dar on his earnest and constant efforts for hockey development, his love for hockey is vital and pure. He proved that so many times through his hard work and passion, he gives international exposure to young players when PHF can’t, he runs his Dar Academy on self finance and gives the best experience and a platform to the younger players.

Recently he organised a successful event called a Hi-Tech U17 Hockey Tournament in Lahore, this tournament was a block buster and a eye opener as well.

One Legend said this event is a PHF vision. Really?  Suppose you compare the Hi-Tech U17 tournament with the recent PHF’s U16 Championship. In that case, you can see the massive difference in the vision and organisation, Hi-Tech was a more organised and well-planned event which need hard work, and a constructive approach and PHF one was just like a tick in the box event with poor organisation and I haven’t seen any vision or shift in the development either.

I’m not bashing any governing body I’m just trying to say the individuals are more capable than the governing body and they were doing a fabulous job around the country. Talent hunting and development is the first job of a governing body, but in our system self financed academies doing their jobs.

Yes, Sponsors are important, but who approaches these sponsors? Why not PHF or anyone else able to pull them? Why and how Dar academy make six tours across Europe, while the PHF was facing a massive financial crisis?

Sorry, giving credit to sponsors is unfair because they didn’t ask him to organise this event.I give credit to their skills in managing and organizing sporting events, particularly their proactive approach, their marketing skills to promote the event and attract sponsorship, motivation and enthusiasm.

Highlight of the event was CEO of Asian Hockey Federation Mr Tayyab Ikram donated 500,000 to his academy, this isn’t a ordinary thing this is something very special.

He also opens the AHF’s door to Dar Hockey Academy and he announced that the Dar Hockey Academy would be granted affiliation to the AHF and they will help and support them throughout which give a boost to Pakistan Hockey.
Thank You Mr Tayyab Ikram.

Here I would like to tell you something fascinating, this academy is not only the development and production of players they also develop coaches, umpires and video analysts. Numerous young coaches practise their coaching daily. I must say one of the youngest coach Waqas Butt is the shining star this year. He has done a very good job recently. A local town guy is not an Olympian, but his passion for coaching and hard work speak themselves, his team become a National Champion recently, and he lifts the Hi-Tech trophy as well, which should be appreciated and federation should support him in his further development.

Pakistan hockey needs more people like Mr Tauqeer Dar.

Pakistan Zindabad

for more details please click on the link of Mr Ijaz chaudhry article

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