A Bitter Critic Is The Sweetest Corrector

I honour all the Olympians who served in Pakistan, but when anything comes up like this is heartbreaking and disappointing, and I reckon these matter should be addressed.

I’m not blaming to PHF, but they have to produce some guidelines for their officials, our national game is already struggling we need to be very careful.

My actions are not personal at all. I’m merely giving an awareness to the authorities to bring things in a line for the betterment of our national game.

I have been working professionally in the fitness industries since 2010, and nowadays I’m enlisted in one more specialisation in the UK and also busy in my research work, you guys can go to my Linkedin profile.

Please Watch the video before continuing reading

I genuinely respect Mr Khawaja Junaid he used to be my coach in Jr World Cup 2004, but I have a right to disagree with him on the basis of facts.

“Choose criticism wisely, it might help you improve some elements of what you do.”

As my understanding as per Mr. Junaid’s statement is that his fitness team Allience Member of ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Instead of Certified S&C Coach or Human Performance Enhancement specialist etc

What is the Alliance Member?

Please go to the given link, and you can find everything regarding alliance member and also you can become an ACSM and NSCA Alliance member today. Still, you are not certified to create any program even you become a Level 2 certified Fitness Instructor or you have done any online fitness course.


After seeing this clip I have seen this so-called program and I was shocked that they don’t even know the difference between a program and a sample workout.

I loved the confidence of Mr Khawaja Junaid when he presented his theory

“when muscle gets weak then its converts into fat

Well, there is no process in the human body or there is no energy system which does this miracle. Protein is the main component of muscle, the human body no matter how awesome it can be at times cannot magically turn one tissue into another.

Which nutrint convert into fat?

When carbohydrates are needed by the body the energy is created by the breakdown of plasma glucose and/or glycogen stored in the liver or muscles.
However, if an excessive amount of carbohydrates is consumed, they will be converted into fat and stored in adipose tissue in a process called lipogenesis.

In uncomplicated words, we eat carbs, which causes blood sugar to rise, which causes insulin to rise, which causes glucose to go into fat cells, which turns into fat, and recently national team doctor suggested to have more carbs but unfortunately he forgets to mention which carbs “Refine Carbs or Unrefine Carbs”   

I hope it will help.

Ramzan Guidelines:
There are no Ramadan Guidelines in their plan, Players can “reset” their body to use fat for fuel by incorporating certain methods and maintain the muscle mass during Ramadan and in this pandemic situation.

Also, his words are not meditating on their Sample Workout, and he said they are following NSCA guidelines, please have a look at the link below and go to page number four where you can find “Training Saftey Risk Factors.” then you will get a better picture.
By the way they have sent a HIIT training undefined Sample workout.

Click to access nsca-covid-19-rtt.pdf

Player’s training videos exposing the entire program where each player following different methods and exercises. I’m glad players have some knowledge. Still, unfortunately, these players can’t raise these questions due to fear.

There are no assessments has been taken yet which is the key component of creating or building up a plan or program next important step is a tracking system to see your plan is working or not If you have no data etc then how are you going to put progression and which parameters identify the hurdles and how players will overcome their weak areas.

Regrettably, there are no macrocycle and motorcycle which proving that there is no program running so there will be no follow up of any program that’s why they are given a generalized so-called program.

Realistic Goal:
Four weeks can be one block of training which can be applied as an adaptive phase if you are not running any program this is the right time to start, but unfortunately, Head coach said they are focusing Cardio Vascular endurance and Muscular Strength but when you see their sample HIIT workout is not reflecting that they are following as he’s been told.
Let me remind you we are talking about top professional athletes here 😦

I don’t want to divvy up this sample workout here because it will be very embarrassing, but I’ll tell you one thing no one can defend this program wholly.

“Players is canvas and coaches are the artists, it doesn’t matter how much colour and brushes you have, you can make a beautiful sketch with the help of a normal pencil”

I intend to say that there is always a process and there are some principles which need to be followed, you can do wonders in a limited recourses, if you keep playing a blame game and invest your energy and time to proving yourself right with the wrong bases then result will speak themselves.

We can progress when we listen identify our mistake and adapt the right approach.

PHF should take this matter seriously and build some system of accountabilty in the betterment of our loving national game.


2 thoughts on “A Bitter Critic Is The Sweetest Corrector

  1. Ya log khud bath kr puri puri rat drink krty hn ya log sikhayen gy fitness ? Inlogo ko fitness ka f bhe ni ata . Fitness k sath sath diet plan bhe hota ha inho ny aj tk diet plan he ni dia fitness plan kya khak dn gy. Fitness coach america sy bulwa rhy hn jbky apny pas Adnan zakir jasa international fitness trainer moujood ha usko utilize kren.
    Mgr ya log to bs family tour pr dimagh lgaty hn inko hockey sy koi mtlb ni.
    Kisi din mjhy talk show mn bulwayen mn inki maa bhan ak krun ga..


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