What is Incompetency and how Incompetent people Destroying Our National Game – Part 1


According to the dictionary, incompetence is the inability to do something successfully. In my opinion, it is more than that. It is the habit of accepting failure or botched work and making excuses for it.

Failure and mediocrity are incredible. You fail at something or do a poor job and the consequences are not good but not so bad. You lost something, but you did not lose much. You were told off, you came up with an excuse or you apologized, but nothing changed

Guess what will happen next time?

You will fail and be mediocre again and again. And of course, always have a perfect excuse to justify everything.

Do incompetent people know they’re incompetent?
No, of course not; otherwise they wouldn’t be incompetent.
Incompetent people do not understand how incompetent they are because the factors that make them incompetent to make them unable to understand their shortcomings. Psychologists call this the Arrogance of Ignorance.

So what is incompetence?

It is an inability or lack of skill to perform adequately. So, incompetence is measured by results or performance not intelligently. Incompetent people can be quite charming and intelligent, but their perceptions can be out of kilter and how they perform can be disastrous. Incompetence can result from lack of organizational abilities, Ego, self-centered, lack of self-awareness; they may have book learning, but no practical experience, they may be in the wrong line of work, numerous other reasons or any combination of these, for example, if you have a great playing experience and you are a Big wig so it’s not compulsory you will be a good coach or a pilot etc. You have to work harder to be a successful coach or a manager etc.

Below does incompetent people use some of the coping strategies. If you see people doing these things, it’s not guaranteed that they’re incompetent, but you should be wary and very careful with these people until you know for sure because their lack of competence could hurt the system

Nice and Praising people – incompetent people sometimes use ‘nice’ as a coping strategy. They think that if they really, really, really nice and praising then the teacher will be more likely to forgive them or the boss will be reluctant to fire them.

This is a dangerously effective coping strategy because most of us like nice and praising people and we would rather deal with nice people than cranky ones.

In fact, we are more likely to forgive really, really, really nicer people for their incompetence than we are to forgive cranky people. After all, this is why incompetent people adopt ‘nice’ as a strategy; it works. At least, it works for a while and then after a time we get fed up with their constant screw-ups and even their ‘niceness’ is no longer enough to compensate for their perpetual incompetence.

Hiding their selves  – incompetent people sometimes try to make themselves invisible. They sit at the back of the class or the back of the meeting room, hoping they are didn’t noticing and called upon. Also, they keep quiet and don’t raise their hands or volunteer anything because when they do their incompetence becomes evident for all to see.

One more example lot of Ex Olympians and internationals never take a part in any FIH or other coaching certifications, also most of them don’t want to work on a grass root level I mean coaching and management, these kind of people living in a fear of exposing their selves, because they were a brilliant player of their era, but coaching and management are the different fields it doesn’t matter how good and intelligent player you are actually you have a playing experience ONLY.

Invisibility is also a dangerously effective coping strategy because we cannot see them. Since they’re invisible, they’re difficult to identify. They identify when they got some responsible position in federation or in any other organization where they have to work on different sector, like banking, airlines etc, of course they couldn’t fly a plane or run a Bank until they got the right education and a license to fly etc. A funny thing is these people relying on their playing career not on their education and certifications etc.


Never wrong- Beware of people who always make excuses and never accept responsibility for their mistakes. These people show that they are doing a hell of work and going to make a massive change in the system, but in reality they are making things worse because of their incompetence and lying habits. Someone writes “Incompetents will do and say anything to defend themselves … including disassembling, obfuscating, lying and blaming others … they misrepresent, they use decoy arguments and make ad hominem attacks.”


I am following Pak hockey for decades and also worked for a while with them and I have never seen anyone once admitted to making a mistake. They had endless excuses and it was always someone else’s fault. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to realize they are a bunch of incompetents. They are always right, teaching and applying 80s and 90s formulas won’t work in this modernized sports world, I don’t know how long we will take to realize that and change this incompetence system.


Always right – this is the flip side of ‘Never Wrong’ above. One characteristic of people who think they’re always right is their inability to listen and learn. They’re like super heroes, they show they knew about everything, and they even cannot able to teach a right basic skills, or organize/manage anything. If you aren’t an Olympic medalist then you have no right to say a single word against their artificial and failed logics.

If you try to guide them in a professional and a smart way then you committed a crime because they are always right.


Back Biting and Negative People– Some people, in order to compensate for their incompetence, try to drag other people down with constant negative comments so they look better in comparison. No matter what you tell this type of person, no matter how positive it is, they’ll bend and twist it out of shape. You can see them in sports TV talk shows; They could make Pastola (Ball Boy) look like Cristina Ronaldo, because they know Pastola never going to say anything except YES sir NO sir. These people always want to be in a lime light and if they see some young one who is well spoken and rising slowly and they are recognizing in the Sports sector, then they start taking them as a threat, and start spreading negativity about his game and his/her character also they can give you a unfit certificate after playing 100 international games, they can make your legs uneven or suddenly they become an astrologer to predict how long you can play and perform, beware if a person does that, they are also likely to do it to you behind your back. Everything you say WILL be used against you.

These people are constantly searching for the negative and take great delight in finding it in others.

Poking into everyone else’s business – Some incompetent people, unable to do their own jobs compensate by telling other people how to do their jobs and enter fairing in their jobs. They try to make themselves look good by appearing to be busy ‘improving things’ and thus avoid revealing their inability doing their own jobs. For example, if they are a team manager then they will also take a part in everything, coaching, strength and conditioning, etc, even they start substitute players without asking from coaching team, once team lost the game then they put all the garbage on players and a coaching team.


Overconfidence – although this is not a coping strategy, it may be a sign of someone who believes they’re better than they really are. We live in a rapidly changing world that requires constantly upgrading our skills. Overconfident people may be loath to improve because they think too highly of themselves.

As well, overconfident people may think they don’t need anyone else’s input so they try to do things themselves rather than ask for the opinions from the professionals. Never underestimate the value of teamwork. Two heads are better than one and three better than two. It takes bravery to admit you don’t know everything. Learning is a long journey and this journey will stop when you feel YOU ARE THE BEST.

Hypocrisy– is an Incompetence people’s weapon, from this weapon you can destroy any sports or any system, these are the most dangerous people in sports, these people are always with the federation for the sake of their positions and keep surviving in every federation with the help of same slogan “Rival of Hockey” this federation is doing superb this and this blah blah blah huh…….. These kind of people keeps their position secure and keep the musical chair game on

Hazrat Ali (A.S) said “Always be open to new ideas”

Always try to gain more knowledge. Refrain from being narrow-minded and ignorant. Stick to your own principles but keep yourself open to improvement and constant development. That being said; don’t get yourself into matters which don’t concern you… “He who involves himself in matters without considering the consequences exposes himself to troubles.


Thanks guys for reading this and I think this is very important to know the meaning of INCOMPETENCE before reading my upcoming blog, in the next blog, I will explain how the Federation’s incompetency damages our dying national sport.








3 thoughts on “What is Incompetency and how Incompetent people Destroying Our National Game – Part 1

  1. Bro its a very helpful blog, Our federation members really need to read this.
    Your every single view is perfect. We really really need educated and qualified people in federation.
    Hmare logo me bs itna farq he k wo seekhna nai chahte, ye log ye samjhte hen k ye olympion hogye to sb kuch krskte hen or hm qualified coaches se bhi mehroom hen, woi bachy kuchy 8,10 log hi hmare pass.

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